About ECO

ECO Office in Amaranth

ECO was founded 30 years ago by Alex Naudts in 1982.  ECO Grouting Specialists has earned an international reputation as a premier source in grouting technology.  We specialize in providing practical solutions for soil and rock grouting challenges, structural repair techniques and remediation of geotechnical problems. ECO has worked on numerous challenging projects worldwide. Often these have been “emergency response” type projects involving ground treatment for major inflows, structural repair, settlement prevention and ground strengthening.

ECO is familiar with virtually every type of grout of significance utilized internationally. ECO has extensive in-house experience and expertise both in developing engineered solutions and hands-on training as it pertains to practical execution details. In crisis management situations, ECO provides timely and cost effective solutions.

ECO also works with a number of specialists, world leaders in their specialty, to ensure a “complete package” can be provided, using the best resources available. ECO has developed or assisted in the development of numerous grouting processes and technologies:

Developed its own wet mill to make fine and ultrafine suspension grouts in a controllable and predictable fashion.

Revamped traditional hot bitumen grouting technology to deal predominantly with massive inflows.

Developed ISIS: A large laboratory test apparatus to predict injectability (grout spread) in soils and establish the anticipated characteristics of the end product.

Developed the apparent Lugeon theory (amenability theory), which is the mathematical model for CAGES and other real time grouting computer monitoring & assessment systems.

Developed CAGES: A real time computer assisted grouting evaluation system.

Assisted with the development of the hydro-block, a very fast setting polyurethane/cement grout (auxiliary grouting system).

Developed the use of OCSP’s (Overburden Casing Outfitted as Sleeve Pipe) to facilitate the grouting of the contact zone between rock and overburden, typically the Achilles heel of grout curtains.


Company History

ECO Grouting Specialists was incorporated by Alex Naudts in 1982. The company was originally located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The head office was relocated to the Toronto area and in 1998 the Grand Valley/Amaranth Office was constructed and opened. In 2010, Ward Naudts succeeded Alex Naudts as President of the company. Alex remained with the company as the General Manager until August 2011. Eric Landry became the General Manager of ECO Grouting Specialists in September 2011.

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