Grouting Applications


1. Stopping major water inflows in mines, tunnels, parkades, dams and underground structures in general

  • Assessment and analysis of the problem, structural or geotechnical, including in situ and lab testing to determine the cause and mechanics of the problem and lay out a properly engineered remedial program.
  • Complete and detailed design of the remedial processes, grouting or rehabilitation program, including calculation of grout holes spacing, product selection, custom tailored formulation of chemical and cementitious grouts, set times, installation details of grout pipes or sleeve pipes, borehole preparation etc.
  • Training of in-house staff, or contractor and adjusting design to circumstances.
  • Detailed design of flood bulkheads.
  • Unusual grouting techniques, such as precipitation grouting and hot bitumen grouting.

2. Soil and rock grouting

  • Curtain grouting in dam foundations, dikes, around landfills, tailings ponds, spills.
  • Sealing methods around flood bulkheads, and nuclear waste storage vaults.
  • Remedial grouting to arrest internal erosion.
  • Protective umbrella grouting when tunneling below buildings, through cohesionless saturated soils or waterbearing strata.
  • Underpinning of buildings and structures to avoid or to stop settlement.

4. Environmental applications

  • Soil fixation processes
  • Deep and shallow soil mixing techniques
  • Cut-off walls in soil and rock to prevent migration of contaminants.
  • Reclamation old mine sites
  • Preventing soil erosion by wind and rain
  • Revegetation chemically polluted soils or tailings

5. Rehabilitation of deteriorated, porous or leaking concrete or masonary structures, with advanced techniques, using the most suitable technology and grouts.

  • Rehabilitation of locks, churches and historical structures
  • Harbour and Canal Structures
  • Economical sewer rehabilitation
  • Shafts
  • Underground parkades through grouting of the concrete matrix

6. Shoring and retaining systems

  • Tieback anchors, soil nailing techniques, shotcrete

7. Special foundations and retaining systems

  • Micropiles
  • Slurry-walls
  • High capacity pre-stressed anchors for dams
  • Preplaced aggregate concrete foundations
  • General foundation design

8. Trouble Shooting

  • Emergency projects to stop major inflows, halt piping conditions, arrest subsidence of structures, slope failures, rehabilitation of structures damaged by earthquakes, fire, explosion, undermining, etc.

9. Soil Stabilization

  • Archaeological site preservation
  • Reforestation programs
  • Stabilization of eroding landforms

10. Mining Applications

  • Inexpensive mine backfill formulations and placement sytems
  • Tailings stabilization using very inexpensive materials
  • Improved mine grouting programs and training to personnel

11. Unusual and Difficult Geotechnical and Structural Problems

  • Improving productivity in tunnelling projects
  • Alternate tunnel lining techniques
  • Cost reduction and quality improvement of cemented backfill in mining
  • Underwater restoration projects
  • Flexible form applications