Lab Testing

State-of-the-art laboratory testing for the grouting industry

ECO has worked on thousands of grouting and grouting related projects throughout the world. ECO has gained extensive knowledge with respect to various grouts and additives. We can use this vast experience to assist us in the laboratory when developing new grout mix designs or testing products for the grouting industry.

ECO continues to work hard to advance the credibility of the grouting industry. ECO is developing new technologies and provides professional services for all aspects of the grouting industry. ECO has developed software to allow for real time monitoring and analysis of soil and rock grouting operations. CAGES registers pressures and flows (for multiple holes) in real time with preset parameters and grouting principles to provide the grouting engineer with real time data. CAGES is the first engineering system that processes the data to establish apparent permeability value, grout spread and amenability in real time.

ECO has now also expanded it facilities to provide an extensive laboratory to design and analyze various grouts (regular and microfine cement and solution grouts). ISIS has been designed and constructed, in-house, for the in situ injection simulation of various grouts into a constructed soil layer with the same characterisitics as those encountered in the field.

In situ Soil Injection Simulator – ISIS

ISIS is a pre-construction, laboratory test, developed by ECO, for determining the injectability of various grouts into a particular or variety of soil horizons. ISIS simulates site specific ground conditions and allows for the determination of appropriate grout mix designs, grout quantities and in situ grouted soil properties (injectability,lateral spread, residual permeability and strength).

Grout Design and Analysis

ECO has the equipment (and has developed equipment), knowledge and facilities to design and analyze the fluid and set properties for various types of grout for the grouting industry. Grout mix designs can be developed for manufacturers and distributors to optim ize rheological, injectability and strength characteristics. Grout mixes can also be designed to cater to the specific needs of any given project. ECO has a vast experience testing various additives to determine their effectiveness and impact on rheological properties, penetrability, short and long term characteristics and performance in a variety of environments.