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Westblock 1

West Block Rehabilitation Project

Ottawa, Ontario, 2013 A grouting program was undertaken as part of a large rehabilitation project carried out at the west block of the Parliament Buildings located in Ottawa, Ontario.  The goal of the grouting program was to consolidate the rubble fill material and fill old conduits located below the foundations of the Mackenzie Tower in […]

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Excelsior Interceptor   2

Excelsior Interceptor 7017 – Pre-Excavation Grouting

Excelsior, Minnesota, 2013 As part of the Excelsior Area Improvement project, a 4-foot diameter tunnel was designed to carry a new 24-inch Forcemain under Highway 7.  In order to protect the underlying utilities and road infrastructure from settlement during the mining operation, a soil grouting program was implemented by EJM Pipe Services under the direction […]

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Mine Plugs and Bulkheads, North America

ECO has designed and directed the construction of several mine plugs and permanent flood bulkheads. The plugs have been used to seal underground works after the ore has been depleted or to seal off areas of a mine where the water inflow impaired or threatened mining operations…

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Iona Shaft Grouting, Hamilton, Canada

For the construction of an underground shaft, a low strength inflammable backfill grout had to be designed to prevent direct load transfer from a squeezing rock formation, preventing it from exerting excessive pressure on the shaft liner.

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Reforestation Test Program, Tunisia

Grouting techniques can also be used to prevent wind erosion and keep moisture in the soil. A four acre miniature forest was grown in the Sahara desert (Southern Tunisia) using a specially developed solution grout. It was sprayed on the sand after small Acacia Cyanaphylla trees were planted.

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Cement Foam Backfill

Regular cement based suspension grout used for mine backfilling operations have low cohesion values and migrate downwards through the shotrock for the duration of a backfilling operation.

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Dorchester Road Sewer Rehabilitation, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Man accessible, leaking concrete sewer joints, located below the water table beneath a roadway triggered an internal soil erosion process resulting in the formation of major sinkholes that posed danger to local traffic. An immediate remedy was necessary to restore safety to the public and provide extended life to the sewer system

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